Our Values



We adopt non-traditional approaches and methods.

We look for and embrace fresh perspectives that shape progressive ideas and technologies. By balancing these with knowledge of and appreciation for traditional methods, we allow diversity of thought and action to build a path from the past to the present that will empower us to continue our journey into the future.



We are relevant to, and make a make a positive impact in our community.

We believe that historic sites are best utilized when they strike a healthy balance between honouring the past and supporting the future. Understanding the role a historic site has played through time helps us maintain relevance to contemporary society, engaging in an ongoing dialogue that shapes meaningful programming.



We explore tangible truths where the facts are incomplete.

We accept the incomplete and elusive nature of history. Rather than rigidly adhering to a single perspective or interpretation or era, we invite open discussion and diverse opinions, turning limitations into opportunities.



We celebrate the history of the common man.

We look beyond the traditional historic lens that focuses on the perspective of prominent figures, and attempt to understand how the ordinary person experienced and impacted history. This allows us to examine the development of our society at a community level.



We are creating a vital and achievable financial plan.

We are building an organization with sufficient financial stability to withstand adversity over time, by adopting a diverse and growth-oriented business plan focused on investment in meaningful activities and programming.