The Brown Homestead

The conservation of the Brown Homestead is the inaugural project of the John Brown Heritage Foundation. It features the John Brown House, the oldest home in St. Catharines, a two-story stone house built in 1802 and incorporating an earlier 1-1/2 story house (ca. 1796). In keeping with our founding principals, we are in the process of evaluating the best role for the house as a community space and are engaging in a series of community outreach projects to help shape our programming. If you would like to participate in that dialogue, we hope that you will contact us.

Our Mission: Furthering the understanding of the links
between farming, food, health, culture and local economies.

The John Brown House was an active farmhouse for more than 150 years. The house was also used a tavern for more than a quarter of a century. We are committed to the preservation and exploration of agriculture and culinary traditions, to encourage farmers, family farming and farmers' markets.

We support and promote the farm-to-table movement in both restaurants and homes. We work to create partnerships with the many people that keep Niagara's farm and food industries growing, to inform public policy and to provide an educational and innovative centre for the public to better understand how to support our local food and agriculture sector.

The Brown Homestead was the birthplace of the John Brown Heritage Foundation and will continue to house JBHF in addition to maintaining its own presence and mission.