The Brown Family History Scavenger Hunt!

You may have noticed our Family History Scavenger Hunt sheet being passed out at the
greeters’ station at the reunion this past Saturday! We didn’t have time to share the answers with everyone that day, but here they are in all their glory! How many did YOU know?


Question 1

How many children did Cyrus and Elma Brown have?

Eleven! These days we often remember only the ten adult children who attended the original 1944 reunion, but there was also poor little Mary Alberta Brown, who died of scarlet fever in 1897 at age 2-1/2.

Question 2

Who got spanked by the principal when she accidentally called the visiting superintendent “Grandpa"?

That cheeky rapscallion was Janice (Marr) Wilson!

Question 3

Who graduated from Brock in 2017 and is currently doing her internship in Toronto?

Kudos to Kristen Magrath - well done!

Question 4

Who drove a car down a frozen river to take his sweetheart on a date when the roads were closed one winter?

True love always finds a way ... and so did John Brown on his way to see Margaret.

Question 5

Who broke his arm playing football and still finished the game?

That would be our own family Superman, Mark Humeniuk!

Question 6

Who is the eldest family member here today?

It was fantastic to see Eileen (Brown) Warren – born in 1924 – matriarch of the Warren branch of the family. Thank you for joining us, Eileen!

Question 7

Whose return from his farm in Alberta was celebrated at the first Brown family reunion in 1944?

Melvin and May Brown returned in 1944 leading to the whole family getting together for the first time in over 25 years.

Question 8

Who was leaving after the reunion to join her husband in New Brunswick?

Edith (Brown) Warwick followed her heart and left soon after the reunion to be with Joe out east.

Question 9

Whose son is a stand-up comedian in Ireland?

Lorraine (Wilson) Clark's son Damian keeps them rolling in the aisles on the Emerald Isle.

Question 10

Which three sisters began quilting together around the turn of the century?

If the Brown sisters – Barbara Humeniuk, Beverly Brown and Jan Chappell – keep quilting at this rate, they'll be able to keep us all warm!

Question 11

Which one of Cyrus and Elma’s daughters was a nurse?

Elma's namesake Elma was a dedicated nurse and the only one of Cyrus and Elma's adult children who never married. We were fortunate to have one of her quilts on display for the reunion!

Question 12

Name a Brown who served in World War II.

Bill and Lloyd Brown served and returned home. Tragically, but heroically, Douglas Magrath gave his life when his plane went down in Germany. We know that there were two others. If you know who, please let us know!

Question 13

Who is one of only two musicians in the world who plays an Octobass (a rare bowed string instrument) in a professional orchestra?

Eric Chappell is the young man who has managed this rare feat!

Question 14

How many sets of twins have been born into the family since Cyrus and Elma Brown started their family? 

There have been TEN sets of twins born into the family since then. Bonus points if you can name them all.

Question 15

Which couple met in school as children and fought so much that their friends said they would either kill each other or get married?

Fortunately for many of us, Willie and Nellie Brown made the right decision.

Question 16

Who celebrates their 89th birthday today?

Happiest of birthdays to Arnold Brown, who began his 90th year on the day of the reunion. We missed you, Arnold, but know you were there in spirit!